Sasikala Pushpa - What Actually Happend ?

Nothing is permanent in politics, discernible in the first lesson of any entrant . That Alphabet is AIADMK .

Go to the unexpected rise in jet speeds attained political power, fame and kudos gained seats Sasikala Pushpa.Slapped by the leader of his party, stood in the center of the Rajya Sabha, he said a single word in the Indian parliment him overnight. Already popular political leader in India is still great controversy in his speech Jayalalitha.

Who is Sasikala Pushpa ??
Sasikala Pushpa was born in an ordinary family background.In Thoothukudi district in the village of sediment mutalur.She was married to a villager Linkesvara Tilak. His ambition was to any teacher.I have not found a job as a succession of qualifications . Frustrated with her husband boarded a train to Chennai Pushpa Shashikala.

In Chennai husband worked as electrician in a nursery school, And She joined there as teacher and worked as a private matriculation school. And also Massage center for more income.
At that time the boy would rise to dominance in the AIADMK was launched with Jayakumar. The responsibilities of the AIADMK .But it did not happen. Thereafter, the influence he ran a hotel for women in Anna Nagar, Chennai,Her husband at the time, the company started to produce and sell spare parts for vehicles.
So, despite living in Chennai, Tirunelveli District Makalirani Joint Secretary in 2010 was responsible for Sasikala Pushpa. General Staff of the right circle of the party had started a good debut.Sasikala Pushpa name was not included in the second list. Were deprived of the opportunity, to stay close to the party leadership, she has continued.

Despite this, the growth of Sasikala has shocked AAIDMK. In Proxy names are too many assets.There is a shock, especially in alternative assets give them both the name of Sasikala.Trichy Siva, and the background is Shashikala Controversary to say.

AIADMK chief retentive their cases, to beat themselves capitulation complaints in the past. The report came out in ten rooms, the Honorable MP's recapitalization dispute has become a rallying point.

Indian media vans to live a few more days and see more on the streets of Chennai.

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