Police Reveal Reason For Swathi's Murder

Chennai Nungambakkam railway station on the 24th  IT employee was murdered. The murder took place in broad daylight, causing severe shock. Court police crisis intervention which would have the immediate arrest of the killer.  assassin had been searching. The police found the killer figured that was the only trump cctv record. However, most are unsure of the killer's face. The police are investigating the case after the first Nungambakkam Egmore railway was handed over to police. But there was a critical delay in the invention of the killer police. Chennai Police Commissioner  bang in the investigation directly.

The Signal Indicator
 Swathi Worked in Bangalore, Mysore, sunroof paranur areas, police questioned the killer's image viewer. Also, Swathi's friends, relatives, as the list of witnesses to the killing, the police investigated the case. For more than an hour after the murder, Swathi's cellphone signal was detected in the area. Police questioned a auto tarp . For further information on the killer to the scene police saw was on the record. The suspicion that the killer might be hiding in the area Choolaimedu strengthening police. Swathi accordingly, showing the image of the house and the surrounding areas, the police questioned the killer. Mencankalilum investigation was carried out in that area.

Shirt with the embroiled Blood
Is there something in it traces of the room after checking that the police were breaking. Then, wearing a shirt in the room when the murder scene, police  stays. When scouring the room, got one diary. In the Tirunelveli district of Red Fort, was at Meenakshipuram persons in the police immediately, went to the Red Fort.

One Side Love Reacts

Paramasivam Meanwhile, Ram's father, mother, sisters, relatives, police carried out investigations. Ram came home from a week long, as usual, was in Chennai. Claimed that his action did not seem unchanged. Ram Kumar hospitalized, police questioned him. StumbleUpon StumbleUpon is the love that loves, but that was not accepted to the police, Ram said. So incensed were killed StumbleUpon conveyed to the police, police sources said Ramkumar.

Swathi Ram to do with?

StumbleUpon StumbleUpon followed the killing two weeks ago, Ram Kumar, Nungambakkam railway station platform with his love said to StumbleUpon. Swathi then, Ram Kumar's love rejected. Ram can not bear it, that palar araintullar Swathi's cheek. Swathi's cell phone at the time, fell down a break. But even then without any resistance box StumbleUpon girls boarded a train and went to the sunroof.  Ram Kumar, Swati went daily to follow. Swati said this to his best friend. They say the information to the police when he said: Swathi did not take it seriously. It has claimed his life. Swathi's functioning precautionary unlikely event this murder. Swathi's mouth fell during the targeted killing scythe cut. A policeman who saw the incident as it . The suspect is now proven.

Who is this Ram?

Ram Kumar, Tirunelveli district, without talking to anyone while studying in an engineering college in Allankulam irupparam silent. His family belongs to the middle-sized business. Wilderness holiday houses and feed the sheep. Even before he was arrested goat meyttat reports. Ramkumarai his family has difficulty reading. And, by the family of Ram, his parents hoped that progress in this incident was a major thunderstorm. Ram Kumar, who was murdered, disrupt the peace of the entire family. Police are now investigating the entire family of Ram Kumar's Belt.

 Where is Swathi cell phone?

Swathi police did not disclose details of where the cell phone. On the cell phone, Ram Kumar, Swati's habits are silent about the police without any information. Swati is a construction worker, mentioned that his girlfriend ramkumara. Ramkumar, Swathi does not answer the question, are already talking.

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