From Nungambaakam to Meenakshipuram ....Swathi Muder Case

On June 24th : Friday like a new day the Basil leaves grown up.Morning 6.30AM Santhaana Gopala Krishnan droped her daughter in Nungambaakam Railway Station by his Moped.

Swathi is waiting on the 2nd Platform where the Women compartment Arrives at 6.45AM . She is Waiting for the Chengalpattu Train. And may people including Teacher Tamil Selvan also waiting for the Train in the Same Platform.

After a Few Minutes a guy started arguing with Swathi.Suddenly Pick his weapon and murder him while talking. Everyone in the Railway station was shocked .The Murderer escaped by Jumping on to the Walls of Sowrashtra Street.

What does train Knows its a Huge Metal Body it arrives sharply 6.46 AM .Every one Except Swathi made theri trip .This was her last Endless trip for Swathi. As it was informed to Police and Their Parents.As Swathis Parents came their she was in bang of Bleeding blood and already died.

After 2.15 hrs Railway Police Arrives Their and dispossed Swathi's Body and taken to the Rajiv Ghandhi Hospital for Post martom .And After that the News Spread-ed on Several Media's

On 26th : The Police Investigated near to the Sowrastra Street .On Roadside Street Camera's.And That gave a Small Idea to the Police to Move on. And That day Techies worked with Swathi Showed their Last Respect by handing Candle to the Place Where swathi was Murdered.

On 27th : The Case was Unable to find the Culprit and So its been days ,And so the Cas was handled to Railway Police to Chennai City Police.They Organized and New 8 team Police Crew and in Search over the Streets .

on that day Swath's Friends and Relatives are Investigated.As Investigation was over .DMK Chairman M.K Stalin met Swathi's family and gave some words of confiedence.

On 28th : The Court Warned the Police there is no improvement in the will be handled by the Court .And Swathi's parents requested police to Not to Spread Rumors on Swathi.

On 29th : Swathi's Facebook account has been blocked ,And Swathi's Sister Written a Request Letter to poilce Commissioner don't spread Rumors Over Swathi's Murder.

On 30th : Police Released the Clear Photo of Swathi's Murderer's Photo !! While on that day Police got huge information on Swathi's Cellphone Signal was lost in Choolaimeadu.And Some people reported that he is staying in a Mansion near that signal.

On July 1st : 

The Murder Ram Kumar was Arrested near Meenakshi Puram Near Senkottai.At night 10PM Police surrendered Ram Kumar's House and Tried to Arrest him for the Swathi's Murder Case.And He Comitts Sucide attempt while arrest. Police taken him to GOVT Hospital .and he got 17 stiches on his neck now !! And he is Now Under Custody of TN Police Soon he is moved to Chennai for Further Investigation.

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