Jackson Durai Movie Review

Jackson Durai is an upcoming Tamil horror comedy film witten and directed by Dharani Dharan, starring Sibiraj, Sathyaraj and Bindu Madhavi in the leading roles, while Karunakaran plays an important role
DirectorDharani Dharan
Music directorSiddharth Vipin
CinematographyYuvraj Singh

StoryLine : Jackson Durai is a Horror Comedy Film.The Story begins with the Strange happening in the Old Bang law in the Village.And Sibiraj as a Police Officer Investigating the Case.

At First he was not supposed to believe the Ghost Rumors.Once he enters the haunted house he supposed to believe the ghost in the house are real.And Comedy Placement by Motta Rajendar as Ghost and Karanakaran as Sibiraj's Friend.As Most of the Scenes are Quite predictable,But the Flash back by Sathiyaraj was not bored as much.The Comedy gets huge claps by the Audience. Bindhu Madhavi as female lead done his job perfectly.

Cinematographer Yuvraj Singh done his best level of Cinematography as much terror ed Feeling on the Screen.Ghost are Sur real Convincing act by the Ghost Artist.Music by Siddarth Vipin made his best but the Songs are not quite Interesting in theaters.And the Flick was quite a Revenge story as Ghost .As Usual all ghost stories .And Horror and Comedy Gives good entertainer.This Weekend.

LiveWoods StarRating : 3.0/5.0

Jackson Durai Movie Review Jackson Durai Movie Review Reviewed by David Digil on Thursday, June 30, 2016 Rating: 5

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