Fast to open the "poppy" campatikkinroma by sin? Read imperative Share

Sri Lanka, India and countries such as widely used in foods, "poppy" means the material orupotaip. Let's see about this explanation.

Keep poppy Opium Poppy is called in English.

Buffy Buffy is the seed of the poppy plant that carries the seeds from inside the bag after the extraction of dried poppy atumuluvatumakak Murray.

If you eat more than orala accustomed to the poppy. This is why Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries such as the poppy pattiyalilitamperrullatu narcotics.

The prison sentence will not get caught and go to countries with poppy seeds.

The new generation of hashish to a message published on a weekly look at Tamil Nadu.

Poppy image in the eye ... There's no question of that country's authorities, without trial stopped pahaturai sariyakiriminal court.

Hashish smuggled from India for the crime, and sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment, a fine of Rs 60 thousand in Indian rupaymatip were destined for him.

Similarly hanihpavum from Gujarat, Shriram went to Saudi Arabia. They carried out the Hajj pilgrimage. Be sprayed with a total of 250 grams of poppy pocket ... immediately was sentenced to 10 years!

The Madras High Court on public interest litigation kitaikkataleye no answer, he continued.

Supreme Court Justices Prabha sritevan poppy trial, the munnilaiyilvantatu Satyanarayana.

The judges said the judge, 'and immediately all the airports, ports kacakacaparriya alert notification, which causes the need to keep a sense. It will be important for Indian molikalanaittilum that ordered the federal government. We are going to work our best for the Gulf states to warn about it.

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