6 Sentence You Should Never Say to Your Son !

Sensitive girl children. If you say something to them quickly upset "usually comes from the concept. But Sensitive male children. Except that they refused even to put out crying, hurt internally.

Consequently, "male children are forced parents to 6 statements says Psychiatrist Rokaya children specialist from Chennai,

1.Do not cry like a Girl ?

What tears only to women ? They are mourning. What's wrong with it to undercover crying? Blocking their crying child, so it will be at the heart of stubbornness accumulation. Humiliate the girl child Remember that your son will accomplish indirectly. Do not make the mistake of never.

2.You are Grown Up be responsible !

Starting at the 10-year-old son became involved in early child misbehaves, parents say the word. In this age of '' B-Roll Man "what is that? So tell me, have lost half of their childhood and develops children forcibly brought up mentally.

3.How do you dislike SPORTS ?

"Why are you lying home? Look for your Prensa ... It is their choice. Stops when you say, '' Oh a boy has definitely like to play, then  lacking something to me, "so that they do not become confused.

4.Make your Sister as a Role model

Generally women than men will be too soon to mature mentally. Without realizing it, talking to parents, siblings and sowing them like environment for ourselves and the competition.

5.You have to be born as Girl

Overall healed scar in the minds of your children, tent, always guilt. What can not be destroyed with it,

6.Make us Feel about you !!

Even if your son has committed a taboo, please do not use such words. This will help them to sleep like a Nightmare. Where's the love of his parents, the guilt of losing affection sigh. Despite the isolation that plagues them with you

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