Tale of another Nirbaya in Kerala

A Woman who was brutally rapped and Murdered as well as her breast and her Vagina demolished and she died with lot of pain.This will remember you the Girl raped at Delhi .But It reached our Ears soon.but now the same happened in our neighbor state Kerala.Its need 5 days to reach us.

She's Law Student and assume her with your loved ones name.Last Thursday at Kerala State in Perumbavoor River Valley she was alone in home.May be she was reading his favorite TV Program.or Listening to some nice music.And Even thing about some beautifull Flowers.Anything she can remember but she never think of her last Thursday.At the Next Minute She was Brutally raped by one or more and killed with hardcore weapons. 

When Her Mom returned home after Work,she was shocked to see her daughter condition she cried a lot and called the police.How to move the pain in one word.The Police came there and filed a complaint and petitioned it.Then the Girls body taken to Mortuary.The Report says she was attacked with hardcore weapons on more places on the Body.

As Usual ,The Police sent forces to catch the Criminals.And in Kerala state Election Period.So the Ruling Government has little bit black mark with this.And none of the Social Media Covering this Story.Everyone Busy with Election.

And Now Through Social Media People Raised Up against the Authority of Kerala State Government.And to Provide Justice for the Girls Family.

The List of Increased Crimes from 2005 to 2016 Listed in a Graph Below
 Livewoods Messege :This Can Be Only Stopped only from the Childhood.Girls Should be treated as a Equal Gender in School Levels.To Make good Thoughts about the Girls.And form School Levels Gender Equality Subjects should be teach'ed to them to make a Good a Better Life in Future.Tears Rolled down over my Eyes when Making this Post.Please Stop Crime Against Girls .There are also Humans Please Treat them Like Your Sister's and Mother.
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