Maruthu Review - Vishal ,Sri Divya

Director Muthiah returns with his next, the action-packed ‘Maruthu’ starring Vishal and SriDivya in lead roles.The movie in D.Imman’s score Music.The Movie set to releases on May 20.
Movie - Maruthu
Starring - Vishal, Sri Divya
Director - Muthiah

Music - D. Imman

StoryLine :The Story is a Complete Gang war Story for a Group of baddie's in the Village. Vishal(Marudhu) is as a Load Man in this Movie.He is completely change his attitude as a Village Guy and Soori Played his Role Excellent.

The Intial Feeling gives good on the Story warming between baddie RK Suresh and Vishal but once romance entered in to the Movie its completely bored off .And Again  in the Last get back to Action .Director Muthaiah failed to place a grip all the scenes are more over predictable.

The Story One Moved along to the Characterisaton of Women role in life.And all the Women Showed in good side and Very Strong Women.

Vishal Portrays his best and Sri Divya(Bhakiyalakshmi) as a Strong Women and RK Suresh (Rolex Pandiyan) as best Baddie he proved it once again And Radha Ravi (Bailvaan) .Kullapulli Leela as Vishal appatha she is bored often a while.soori done his job till First half and No big role in second half.

Technical Side and Cinematography of Maruthu was good and the Stunt Sequence was good but it failed to score good response on Audience.Marudhu Need More Action flicks to entertain people and the Audience. Marthu is completely Labeled of  Kutti Pulli Movie in Komban Shade. Not a Worth Watching for 120 bucks. 

LiveWoods Star Rating : 2.0/5.0

Maruthu Review - Vishal ,Sri Divya Maruthu Review - Vishal ,Sri Divya Reviewed by David Digil on Friday, May 20, 2016 Rating: 5

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