Kammatipaadam Review - Dulqueer Salman

Production: Global United Media 
Cast: Dulquer Salman, Shaun Romy, Shine Tom Chacko, Vinay Forrt, Vinayakan 
Direction: Rajeev Ravi Screenplay:Rajeev Ravi Story: P Balachandran Music: John P, K, Varkey, Vinayakan Cinematography: Madhu Neelakandan

StoryLine: Kammatipaadam is a Complete Action Packed Realistic Thriller Movie.Kammatipaadam is a old residence area in Ernakulam and in the heart of the City.The Story Includes and Influences the Various Character Living in the Cities by Director Rajeev Ravi.

Dulqueer Salman played a Protagonist in this Movie. Vinayakan as Ganga makes a huge impact on the Movie.Every character Enters and Exits with a Reason in the Screen.make director a good presence in the Screen.

Dulqueer Salman looks ageing role which look quite not Con vincible and others in the Movie look good with ageing roles.And in Believable manner. Dulqeer and Vinayakan young version is quite appreciable. The Female lead Shaun Romy done her job perfect but less scope for the Character in this Movie.

The Story Moved Completely over the three Flashback,of the Lifetime.The Main Negatives of the Movie was 
  • The Time of 2.57 hrs Made the Movie Slightly Restless towards Climax
  • The A Certificate by CBFC had crushed the Audience to the Movie.
Positives :
  • Director Justifies the Raw Murder Scene and Justified the A Certificate is Perfect
The Musicians are Well with the Songs and BGM, And Kammatipaadam is a Well Packed Realestic Action Thriller.

LiveWoods Star Rating : 3.7/5.0

Kammatipaadam Review - Dulqueer Salman Kammatipaadam Review - Dulqueer Salman Reviewed by David Digil on Friday, May 20, 2016 Rating: 5

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