I Know That we Will Succeed. But...? Jayalalitha

Obtained in the presence of 140 seats in the legislative elections is progressing Digg "Usually the mother wakes up at 6 am, today rose 7.15 snowboarders. Is enthusiastic about the idea of the Garden staff.

'Garden in the mood for what she is?' We asked the question, an employee of the Garden. "The election results were unfolding at the same time, without any tension, was the mother of English channels. Mostly got up late. Half an hour to prayer seriously. I'm very happy to be looking at the results. From the beginning, the firm believes will win 180 seats.

Election rallies going each time, the intelligence was managing. In fact, one senior intelligence in the last days, "mostly likely remain deadlocked ', he said,' I do not think that will tug," he asserted. The next day, the Secretary-General spoke nanatecikanai call. He said, 'and we're going for a majority government. Need to know all the same. Will any of us minus the container Tirupur affair? ' We'd asked. "Will have no impact on people's minds," he said after the relief.

5 o'clock in the morning, waiting for the election results, the DMK chief Karunanidhi forward. Jayalalithaa calmly arose from sleep, is St. George's castle keep.
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