Beware of Carbide Mangoes Alert Report

Everybody in the World need anything quick but nobody wants to Check weather the Thing is good or bad.Mango is on of the Delicious fruit which give more gain on Summer Seasons. Some greedy sellers want to sell them quickly so they are Using Carbide to Rip of the Fruit.

No nobody even cares about the Carbide ! Pick up yellow Mangoes and ate it up .But eating this fruit will lead to damange in our nerves and gave big damange in our lungs, stomach etc.Pregnent ladies should avoid this things to save the childs health.

The Carbide Mangoes can be easily identified by The Skin of the Mango will be thinner .when we rip the tip of the Mango the green smell seems around us.Thus we can identify the Carbide Mangoes.

In Olden day fruits kept in air compressed room so that the Heat in room allows the  fruit to Rip in normal time.And Now Sellers use carbide to change the Color of the Mangoes to sell it soon.And they are convincing that The Carbide will not harm our health.And they refused to accept it.

And Fruit Sellers please be honest to the People who trust.And Government should take care on this and check it at regular interval of time, with food and safety dept. And Shoul demolish the Carbide mangoes from the Society.Stay Clean Keep good health.Avoid artificial be Natural. 
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