Bangalore Girls Escaped from Rapist

In Bangalore a Woman has Escaped from a Rapist by biting his Hands.And Ran Away to the Police Station and filed a Complaint.He was arrested now.But Girl was really upset with people who don't even try to help her.

The Incident Held on 23rd April at Kathrikupae Main Road,And the Video of CCTV footage was released.Her Name was Ragini.While she's standing on the Road site a stranger come closed to her and grabbed her and tried to rape her.But Ragini Used his full efforts and bitted her hand and Escaped from him.

The Shocking thing was even nobody would try to help her .2 to 3 motorcyclist crossed her.other 2persons also ,but Everyone starring and laughing but no one help  her.

After Escaped She Filed a Complaint and after 2 weeks .The Rapist was Arrested by Bangalore Police Dept and Confirmed him as the Criminal tries to kidnap Ragini.Her name is Akshay.

But Still Ragini Said No one there tried to Save me ,I'm so much pained of that and Upset with the People of India..she said
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