24 Movie Review - Surya - Vikram Kumar

Suriya 24  is a Clay that has been perfectly turned in to a Sculpture by Sculptor Vikram Kumar The Director.

Cast:Suriya ,Nithya Menon ,Samantha ,Saranya Ponvanan.
Director:Vikram Kumar
Music:AR Rahman
Prodution :2D Entertainment

The Movie Begins With Just Cut into the Point directly ?. Vikram Kumar Starts the Movie with a Narration in 24.Beware For this Film its necessary to Watch the Movie form very first Scene.Please Enter the Theater before the Screen Turns on.

StoryLine :Every Wish to Go back time and Change whatever they Missed Off and they Need to Change the Facts.Hats of to Director Vikram Kumar with his Smart move.He Never Used any Conflicts in to the Movie.Everyone can understand whats is go in on in the Screen.The "Time Travel"is the Basic Concept used to run the Entire Movie.

Director Can't Move Towards the Resolution with Some text to the Movie.Keep your Eyes on the Screen to Understand the Movie Better.And He Picks a Strong Script that will never rip your eyes from the Screen.Suriya Reminded me my maths class i often hard to solve LHS = RHS but Surya has done not even a single Null Meaning Shot in this Film.

 24 is Simply all about Suriya. Each and Every Emotions has been Portrayed in his point of View.Form Love to Comedy and Pain to Revenge. Suriya Plays 3 different roles in this Movie.The Athreya is the Main Highlighting Avatar in this Movie.And It can be understand only by Experiencing it.

About Saranya Ponvannan still amazed as a exiting loving and caring mother role. Every time her mother role play a Unique in the Movie.Nithya Menon was perfect with her Job no big efforts taken .Samantha is more beautifull till the Last Frame .Her Character in the Movie is simply a Lover and it plays a Vital role till the End of the Movie.Other Actors done their Job Best.Ajay ,Sathyan ,Appukutty who support the Process of Narration.

And a Special Thanks to the Dialog Editor - Prawin Pudi Production Design - Amit Ray & Subrata Chakraborty Lyrics -Chandrabose Sound Design- Laksminarayanan Sound Effects- Iqbal Action - AnbAriv Choreography- Raju Sundaram, Brindha, Dinesh, Sridhar
VFX Supervisor -Julien Troussellier

Technology in development is like a Genie Now Creator Makes whatever he likes in the Movie.Awesome CG Works and VFX .Cameraman Thiru Proves Once again that he is Mattle with the Camera.The Action and Stunt Sequences we're well Coreographed and shot effectively.

A.R. Rahman already Rocks with his Music .And BGM Plays a Big Role in this movie.Naan Un Azhaginlae was my Favorite Song in this Movie.Visuals of the Songs are Really Vera Level Awesome .The Use of Technicians and How they Hard worked their Part to Make it best is a Worthy movie.
The Song Already rocks over People.The Ultimate Different Location and Camera Shots are Awesome.

And The Entire Movie is fully Delight to Watch.And Effortless Plays the Script that Never Gets Bored .May be he feel the Pain of the Producer's .Surya's Uniqueness stands quite in Every Movie like that this Scores a Big Stand For Suriya. Small dips all over the Film but watch it without reminding the dips .The Next Scenes will make sure not to rip your Eyes off from the Screen.

LiveWoods Star Rating : 3.7/5.0

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24 Movie Review - Surya - Vikram Kumar 24 Movie Review - Surya - Vikram Kumar Reviewed by David Digil on Thursday, May 05, 2016 Rating: 5

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