2016 +2 Exams No Grace Marks For Chemistry Paper

There is No Grace marks for the Hard Question Paper of +2 Question Paper.The Case Filed in Madurai High Court by The Director of Exams Tamil Nadu. Until The Results will be Published.said by Director of Exam TN.

Samuel, who belonged to the High Court  have filed a petition in the Madurai branch, my son Richard Samuel,written plus 2 exam. Chemistry was chosen last March. This exam is a score to question 18 on the question, 10 score question the 70th question in the 'A' and 'B' in question ( 'A' and 'B' to the question each of 5 score), 'B' question to the students is no answer, write down 6 Score grace rating offer the government also ordered to Tervutturai. 2 questions are the right questions graciously ordered to score.

Tamil Nadu Students who scored good marks in +2 Unable to attend don't have enough skills to Appear I.I.T Exams.The Education system insert the Mug up mode on Students.Let them Eat and Vomit it on Exam Papers.1% no deep knowledge on the Subject.to increase the Skill of Students a notice has been sent to all the Schools by The Directorate of Exams.

Grace Mark to that 2 Questions might Affect the Students, who has written right answer t to the Question.The Question is not just so hard and its just to improve the Skills of Students.As Samuel Said He and his wife taught his boy well deep about the subject so that he could understand easily.And Our Son has answered Correct Answer to that Questions.So Grace marks would affect Good Skilled students so that those who written right answer should only get marks and other should not be gifted with grace marks.

And today the Case in High Court Madurai.Judge D.S Sivanyanam and P.N.Prakash were seated and They replied There is no ban for +2 results ,but its should be examined well after June 6th 2016 .And Adjunct the Court. 

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