10 Reason Behind for DMK Failed TN Election 2016

In the Tamil Nadu assembly elections, more seats to form a majority in the state, is the All India Anna DMK again. DMK emerged as the strongest opposition party. Anna has lost the chance to say the words.

The DMK fortress castle had the opportunity to hoist the 10 reasons ... the volume corresponding to the applicable reasons.

1. Perturbing System

DMK and Karunanidhi's brother and remained under the direct control of the party system was commendable. Maturantakam Arumugam, who was the district secretary of the district, with integrated sunroof, "Karunanidhi '. That is one of the district etirkosti see uruvakivitamal. Following the invasion of the place buzzing somewhere hears the rustle. 'Sama donation peta baton as otukkivituvar any ways to contain it. If you have any dissatisfaction on the leadership of the faction, atuttavarame brought them to the chief, to meet with Karunanidhi will send peace keeping.

2. The Resolution Excludes Lobby

At the last general meeting of the DMK party's decision not to stand in the elections fulfilled District Secretaries. District Secretaries of the block on the stage and find the cause of his attention will be given. Reduced focus on other blocks in the district. This is the background to this decision that will affect the success of the other blocks. But the lobby, and just had to bring the decision to the District Secretaries procedure. The election result has now accappattapatiye. St. George's Castle is perhaps the discretion reserves kotiyerriyiruppar case.

3. The Reduced Diameter of the Strength of the 'P'

Pananayakam is to become a democracy for many years. Only the amount of which varies entakatciyum exception .... Each module in this mode, the DMK leadership candidate from the account of one crore 78 lakh crore was allocated. The problem is, this sum amounts to 90 per cent in the first tantatutan piracarattinpote.

4. Persons not eliminate Dissatisfaction

In general, many of the leaders, each group a 'slip' asking. Declaration of the candidate's leadership will take the first step, 'Sheet' is available to pick up the lot to make peace. Depending on the work involved, given the possibility that in the next election, or something else given urutimoliyo ceytuvaikkappatuvar peace. Thought leadership made peace with himself, as well as forgotten manamaccaryankalai, sunny start to work for the success of the party in the rain calls. Missing this time.

5. The Process of Revenge

This time, most of the districts of the state said was to avenge the foil. Multiple District Secretaries that was sweeping the Combined Districts, counties sequestered lost its importance. Thus hotavaippera their old, their successes were more anxious than the failure of etirkosti. Etirkosti reason, winning the first race of Ministers munneccarikkaitan the siren go by car. Its echo is gone, unable to find the car katcittalaimaiye siren.

6. Incest Friendly, said and done!

In the 2011 assembly elections, the DMK-Congress alliance partners met the election, did not succeed to touch. 2 Xi and the coming together of the Eelam issue, parliamentary elections atanverri tooth grinned. Even before the federal election, the DMK withdrew from that kutanatpu pavyamay Thereafter, the DMK parliamentary elections Just look at the reasons, and again in public with Congress kaikottukkontatu still wondering why, why are contakkatciyinarum understanding. That will change many alliances, slogans eluppikkontirunta environment, the DMK-Congress alliance, reminding voters of the old issues, led to the end of incest friendly, said.

7. The Party Or Company?

DMK's many districts, not under the control of the party leadership. As the companies are managed by the respective District Secretaries. Many years have passed since they started to act as ceyalpattalpotum under Stalin. Apparently referring to the name of District Secretaries in some districts, 'and go' mocks as is the case in many districts.

8. Lack of Veteran's Advice!

Anna times, Karunanidhi's hand after the party district, city union workers for the jobs, and integrate them with the party's Seniors coordinators nominate group leaders with experience in the electoral process. Five of the group, the AIADMK, the Quartet Committee to coordinate the work of the Election Committee of the overall module ullatupola, not appointed by any team in the DMK. Before the district secretary, nominate their nearest district extra charge. This will add additional strength to Election .

9.Slow Party Works

DMK's past electoral successes, the last time there was something astiram. It propelled atimattattontan. Anna during the District Secretary of katcittalaimaiyo or without arivuruttalo personally was the follower of the effort.

10. Disappointed with the Lack of Change

If DMK Thiruvarur Mu. Volunteers reached the end of the period pulankankitam Karunanidhi Karunanidhi as party cadres still felt strange. 3 In the last legislative elections before the party, Karunanidhi, Stalin's scramble to party rather developed at the administrative level. Level than the party, the party of talaimaiyilanaleye karunanitikkup stalintan then terivikkappattuvittana putaka comments
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