Reason Behind the Raising Heat Level in India

The Reason Behind the Raising heat level in India is due to:
1.Destroying the Trees in Roadside.
2.Extending Highways and demolishing the Roadside Tree.

This road extension for Mettur Aluminium factory.when we analyze the people from mettur,for who the roads has been extended.

For the past 1 month more than 60 persons die due to Sun Heat in Telungana, Odisha ,The Temperature was about 41 Celsius.There are many reason behind   the overheat of Sun.but the main reason behind this is demolishing the forests and roadside tree.37,682 trees were destroyed by the karnataka Government form Belgaum to Goa.There trees has passed over years and years and a home for Birds and a shadow cool for onside road riders.

We Should Learn More form Kerala.
We Should Learn more things form Kerala and also its road and forest maintenance Form Kovai to Kozhikode ,Kannur etc the roadside fully filled with trees they have crossed over generations.When Government planned for road extension people of Kerala protest against it.

This is How our Growth of the Country will begin then the Amount on Heat Will be increased by year.First we should save the trees and we shall remove the overheat of Sun.

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