Manithan Movie Review

Staring : Udayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Mothwani
Directed by :I.Ahmed
Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Story Line:Udayanidhi Stalin Appearing as a Lawyer in Coimbatore. His motive is to win a Case in the Court to Marry her Father in Law's Daughter Hansika.

He was teased by his friend even for unable to attend to win a Single one certain time Hansika and his father law seemed friends teasing Stalin, Hansika broke him with her words with Stalin.He Was Completly upset and move on to Chennai.There his relative as Vivek Working as a Lawyer and Joined with him and searching for Cases.

Unfortunately Udayanidhi Stalin did'nt get Any Cases in Chennai too.At certain time a rich man's drunken girl killed 6 people slept on the streets by smashing them with Car. Prakash Raj is doing the Opposite Lawyer role and relief the rich man out of the Case .And that news hear'ed by Udayanidhi Stalin and He planned to refile the case again for the People living in streets ,and he will planned to get huge publicity with that. Then He took up the case and argued in the Court.And more problems raised for him after that attempt.

At Finally Does He Survived and get Justice to People ,And Does he Married his Father in law's Daughter Hansika is the remaining story.

The First Half goes little bit slow.but when it get into Court scenes the Movie gets fired up and getting claps in regular sequence.The Strong base to the Movie was its Dialogues .When a Witness Came to Court and expressed his feeling's in Awesome way thanks to Director Ahmed.

Five Songs Sounds Great somebody loves it but not great response over audience. Santhosh Narayanan shows his mass in BGM works.Hats Off Santhosh.Thanks to Cameraman Mahdi done excellent work on Court Scenes. A good quality Movie with a Social Message.

LiveWoods Star Rating for Manithan : 3.85 
Manithan Movie Review Manithan Movie Review Reviewed by David Digil on Friday, April 29, 2016 Rating: 5

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