India's Most Loved Police Horse Shaktiman Died

Last week an American had travelled all the way to deliver an artificial limb for the Shaktiman.
The misery of Shaktiman, a decorated horse in Uttarakhand began when it was deployed to stop an anti-government protest in Dehradun.
Even though the exact reason is not immediately available, it could be because of internal infection which had earlier resulted in the amputation of its leg.Earlier there were reports that Shaktiman was well on his way to recovery post the amputation surgery and even had stated standing up by itself.

But today in the Noon Time Shaktiman's the horse health goes worse and it can able to stand ,after vet nary doctors try to find the illness of the Shaktiman but uncertainly it lost its breath and cause to death.
A group of BJP activists, led by MLA Ganesh Joshi attacked the horse with sticks causing the fatal injury to the poor animal.Even though Ganesh Joshi claims innocence, he has been booked under charges of animal cruelty.
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