FAN Movie Review

Some Last Movies of Sharuk Khan was not gets as much expected reach over people and so he want to get back in master collection in market. and so he pick the hard make a huge victory.

Story Line : Indian cinema, the eye of an artist throwing surprised to see the Aryan Kannan (Shah Rukh Khan). He's a serious fan, Gaurav (fan of Shah Rukh Khan's portrayal of) an Aryan kannanakave lives valkkaiyl shadow. At one point, in an interview with the famous actor Arya abused.

As he told atarsa kauravirku it looks like a hero, put him to apologize to intimidate and video outputs. Aryan will look at this, the Kauravas met speaks little humiliating manner.

Thus, Angry Gaurav, I was able to follow you all day, as many of you no more, I'll run back to the work of Psycho, which was recovered from the mitikkatai how the hero Shah Rukh.

First Half Goes in a Speed and Second Half Goes little bit slower and a final climax chase down make a must Watch to know how to be a Hardcore Fan of Someone.

Livewoods Star Rating : 3/5

FAN Movie Review FAN Movie Review Reviewed by David Digil on Friday, April 15, 2016 Rating: 5

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