Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Bithday Memory Article

Ambedkar Jayanti is a festival observed on April 14 every year to commemorate the memory of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Ambedkar favorite unparalleled niche in the history of India leader .. He fought for the oppressed masses in the public image iruppatuvaruttattukkuriyatu. Subjected to numerous hazards Darkness,Sadness. What is the reason for the misery of the people were living with her colleagues, appeared to caste, race
How to develop a course of miserable fellow man what he did not regard it as an equal by the study of the impossible all subsequent writings.

Gram Swaraj Gandhi's way if the race gets going imman flows of soil was clear that the beloved. He formulated the laws of reservations for the oppressed people kitaikkaperratu fruit. Gandhi did not say whether he would continue to be kept intact Notice. He passed by the country's constitution, if the vehicle is no exaggeration to say it. Gandhi's vision for the country's democracy is still the main reason uyirtiruppatarku

For his attempts to bring civil law in general Hindu communal forces, raised heavy opposition. Gandhi resigned to not neruottulaikka counting. He died a few months, it paid homage to Gandhi, Nehru made by six separate laws readings major lesson from our beloved there. He dealt with anything rationally. He did not build anything but bored. Any article that he wrote the words spew hatred for this country and you can not see. The initiative could bring change in thinking she knew the alphabet. Why social emancipation movement in this country, let us recall the seed cast grate.

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