Bahubali 2 The Conclusion Complete Story Leaked

It is shocking to know that Baahubali 2 story is being circulated online. Though we are not sure how far the story is true, we would want to remind you that the leaked stories we have reported earlier for Temper, Son Of Satyamurthy and many more have come out to be true.
So, this might be a spoiler. It is understood that Baahubali is about the epic creation more than the story and Rajamouli’s visionary is one of its main attractions, so here we give you a gist of Baahubali 2 story that is going viral.
Baahubali The Conclusion: As Baahubali-the beginning ends with the betrayal of Kattappa to Amarendra Baahubali, it is now being predicted that Sivagami orders Kattappa to Kill Baahubali since he married Devasena without her consent.
After Baahubali’s love and marriage with Devasena, differences between Baahubali and Sivagami creates space for Bhallaladeva and how he betrays Baahubali and Sivagami to acquire the throne is the rest of the story which is to be followed by revenge of Shivudu and Devasena on Bhalladeva.
Even though these predictions seem very silly and vague, the craze around Baahubali is giving these random reports much attention than they deserve.
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