Vicks Action 500 Banned in India P&G Stops Sales

The Cricket stars has go on with great salary for this advertisement to the banned drug in our country and that make people to buy this drug for use with 5 ways of getting relief and they it can cause more side effects to harm our body

The Government of India has banned the Manufacture and distribution of Vicks Action 500 tablets.

Abbott also stopped sale of its Phensedyl cough syrup.
When contacted a company spokesperson said: “Abbott is complying with all legal requirements related to the government notification.”
The company termed the Health Ministry’s decision to ban “certain fixed dose combinations drugs that have been already approved” as an “unilateral approach”.
“Abbott has reviewed the DCGI notification and we are concerned about the unilateral approach in prohibiting the manufacture, sale and distribution of certain fixed dose combinations that have already been approved for use by DCGI. We are evaluating the notification and exploring all available options,” the spokesperson said.
Some of these formulations have been the treatment of choice in specific medical conditions, Abbott said.
“We are concerned that patients may not have access to some medicines which have been approved by DCGI and safely and effectively used in India for years,” Abbott spokesperson said.
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