Pugazh Tamil Movie Review

A theme such as this, should have been done with a lot of power and verve. However, Pugazh slips on this ground majorly. Manimaran appears to have taken the route of dialogue based narrative for his film and Pugazh seems to be abounding in them. 

For Jai, Pugazh offers a wide canvas to show his prowess and the actor is effective within this area. Surabhi’s character could have been etched with a little more care. She lands herself a job in Hyderabad but the director conveniently places her back in her native town without an explanation. A scene or two involving Jai and Surabhi are cute and enjoyable.

Karunas as Jai’s brother does a neat job and scores well in an emotional scene in the second half when he speaks for his brother. RJ Balaji as Jai’s friend brings a smile whenever he gets a chance to say something. Lyricist Piraisoodan, as the elder member of the town, hands in a matured performance, occasionally mouthing leftist dialogues. Marimuthu as the antagonist delivers well.

A premise on political drama could have easily hit the right chord if it had been handled with a lot more care. 
Verdict: A political drama that could have been handled better
Pugazh Tamil Movie Review Pugazh Tamil Movie Review Reviewed by Health360 on Sunday, March 20, 2016 Rating: 5

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